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Palm Wax Problems and the Environment 0

Moon Candle Angels ans Sages

We take the environment seriously, and strive to find a balance between environmentally friendly and products that pop. 

With that--we really wanted to find a great supplier of Palm Wax for our candles. These beautifully feathered textures proved to be quite popular for both clients and our staff. Palm wax is beautiful and holds a great scent...

but what we found is that there really is no way to ensure that the Palm Wax is harvested in a environmentally sustainable manner.

It was a difficult decision to move from Palm Wax but one we feel confident in. We are in process of reformulating our Luna and Home Blessing candles into a pure soy wax blend that we can feel confident in and that we know you'll love. 

In the mean time, we will continue to keep our eyes on the horizon and scouting for sustainable palm wax. If we find some--you'll be the first to know. 

Elderberry Brandy Cordial Recipe 0

elderberry recipe

Making Medicine. 

Elderberry Cordials are a fall favorite over at Angels and Sages. Easy to make, immune boosting and a fun little daily shot of sunshine.

We prefer ours with a bit (or more) of Brandy and honey, and take it daily fresh out of the fridge in a beautiful shot glass during the winter months.

5 Easy Ways To Celebrate The Fall Equinox 0

Fall Equinox

The first day of fall is a time for celebration. It's finally ok to grab the decorations and head to the porch without being concerned about what a neighbor might think. 

Some of us (like me) have probably already started the decorating process, and that's ok too. 

If you're like me, and you want to add a bit more magic to celebrate the turning of the seasons--read on and immerse yourself in the joys of the day with any of these easy fall rituals. 


Herbal Business Ownership

I was asked to speak at an upcoming conference on herbal entrepreneurship and I'm so excited at the opportunity.

My first thoughts were on 3 things to think about before starting your herbal business, but the more I sit on the topic --the more I move from that.


No matter if you are a budding herbalist, or a seasoned car salesman or a nurse in a medical will encounter similar things and the most important is being comfortable in asking for the sale.

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What is the Ratio of Herb to Water for a Tisane or Herbal Tea? 0

How to make an herbal tea

A common way to incorporate herbs into your everyday life is by making seasonal and stock teas for every day living. 

A basic herbal tisane (herbal tea) will require 1 ounce of dried plant matter for each 2 cups of water. 

If using fresh herbs--you will want to double this to 2 ounces botanicals to 2 cups of water.


Fresh herbs contain more water than dried herbs.

An easy recipe to begin is with a simple single herb to get a taste and feel for the process. My favorite? Mint.

Simple. Easy. Uplifting.

Simple Coffee Scrub Recipe 0

Body Scrub Recipe - Angels and Sages Apothecary OKC

Coffee grounds are a great thing for both the garden and your skin. 

I horde my old grounds like currency and save them for the garden to add nitrogen to the soil and/or create my favorite impromptu body scrub. 

Coffee has been used for years in spas across the world to exfoliate and gently massage the skin to combat the signs of cellulite.


Oklahoma City Apothecary

We have been on a tour of Apothecaries across the country in preparation for our brick and mortar opening. While I have an idea of what our flagship herbal apothecary will look like in Oklahoma City, it's still good to get out and get ideas on what works and what doesn't. 

I notice more and more that businesses are quick to offer a beverage to consumers as a way to quickly connect, and many times it works well. If you think about the nail salon--you can get everything from a bottle of water to a margarita...

Easy Slow Cooker Herbal Lemon Chicken 0

Okahoma Herbal

I love cooking with fresh herbs from the garden, almost as much as I love herbs that are easy to grow. 

Enter Rosemary. A versatile herb that has a long history as a seasoning, in spiritual bathing and can be used as a smudge just like sage. 

Here, I've combined it with free range chicken and a few lemons for an easy slow cooker weeknight meal. 

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What are the meanings of folk charms called Milagros? 0

what are milagros

You may have seen these tiny charms nailed to painted hearts, on tiny wall shrines, on bracelets or in the prayer candles of the Angels and Sages catalogue as seen below, but what are they and what do the symbol represent?

5 Signs You Are An Empath & 5 Ways to Protect Yourself 0

Empath Protection

I never understood why some people made me so tired. I mean, who doesn't have that friend that after 15 minutes of talk -- you are just spent? 

How do you know if there might be more just below the surface? Read on for 5 quick ways to know if you are an empath and 5 simple steps to protect your energy.