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5 Scents That Can Transform Your Mood 0

Essential Oils and Mood

Did you know that our sense of smell is our strongest sense out of the five? Smells are strongly linked to our minds. A good example is how a certain smell can bring back a specific memory and instill select feelings. With our sense of smell being so powerful, we can use this to our advantage. How about enhancing our feelings?

Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy for a long time as methods of elevating one’s mood. While there are so many wonderful smells to choose from, we have selected five uniquely different smells that all boast the benefits of enhancing one’s mood.

  • dena Bradford

5 Ways To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset 0

Abundance Mindset

Gratitude is a huge tool to shift your mindset to one of more abundance.

When we focus on all of what we have in our lives, we feel abundant and full of appreciation for the things in our lives.

An easy exercise is to start a gratitude practice...

  • dena Bradford

Soy Wax Candle Care Instructions 0

Some things to know about soy wax candles and how to care for them
BURN TIME: Most candles will have different burn times. Burn times are dependent on several factors like the quality of the wax, the size of the wick (too hot and it will burn faster), and the size of the candle itself.  We recommend a MAXIMUM of four hours for any 8 ounce soy wax candle...
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Amethyst Gemstone Benefits 0

WHat does amethyst do

We have a love affair with amethyst in the Bradford house.

I place amethyst crystals next to the kid's bed and let them know that the stone has a secret power to help bring in peaceful dreams and keep nightmares away.

Best part? It's true.

Read on for more...

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A Candle Meditation For Love 0

Candle meditation has been around since candles were invented; and before that, to oil lamps and all the way back to the first time a human being stared into a fire. Flames can be calming and induce a state of trance, lowering blood pressure and improving mood. 

  • dena Bradford

White Sage Vs. Palo Santo in House Cleansing Ceremonies 0

Palo Santo or White Sage

White Sage was my go to for space clearing and cleansing ceremonies for years. I loved the way the sacred smoke smelled and the uplifting feeling I got from the smudging process.

I never used incense or resins or dark sage or palo santo because I thought it was all the same just different plants found in different geographical locations.

And on the surface--that's at least partly true. You work with what you have.

How To Navigate Stress With Breath 0

You've heard it a million times...

reduce stress

Just Breathe.

But it's not always that easy to remember to do, and if you don't know why it's important to take time to breathe--then you will not do it.

Taking care of yourself is so much more than a bath on the weekend. It's an essential component to your health. There are 10 core essentials we follow at Angels and Sages for stress reduction and we believe in them so much, that every single thing we do ties into at least one of them...

How To Smudge A House With Sage 0

smudge sage
Always wanted to Sage, or Smudge your house but unsure how? Today, I'll share with you how to smudge--or energetically clear and spiritually protect your home. I have a smudging ceremony that I learned from a Shaman years ago.I love it, and I'm sure you will too.I conduct this ceremony twice each year, and...

DIY Purifying Bath Ritual 0

Bath Ritual

Sometimes I take my skeletons out of the closet. We dance under twinkling stars… because. I'm not ready to let go. I believe in acknowledging and embracing what I call the dark journeys–without judgment– even if it’s a small pause in the day…

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5 Easy Ways To Celebrate The Fall Equinox 0

Easy Fall Equinox

The first day of fall is a time for celebration. It's finally ok to grab the decorations and head to the porch without being concerned about what a neighbor might think.

Some of us (like me) have probably already started the decorating process, and that's ok too.

If you're like me, and you want to add a bit more magic to celebrate the turning of the seasons--read on and immerse yourself in the joys of the day with any of these easy fall rituals.

  • dena Bradford