5 Easy Ways To Celebrate The Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox Rituals


5 Easy Ways To Celebrate The Fall Equinox.

The first day of fall is a time for celebration. It's finally ok to grab the decorations and head to the porch without being concerned about what a neighbor might think.

Some of us (like me) have probably already started the decorating process, and that's ok too.

If you're like me, and you want to add a bit more magic to celebrate the turning of the seasons--read on and immerse yourself in the joys of the day with any of these easy fall rituals.

1. List your goals for the next three months.

This is a time for turning inward and slowing down, so feel free to seize the moment and make the day all about you. Grab a warm cup of something wonderful, slip into something comfy, grab your journal and declare your intentions to the Universe. What are dreams, goals, is there something you are ready to release to allow something new in? You are unlimited potential. Start manifesting.

2. Revel in the changing colors.

Gather leaves for a fall wreath. Trim herbs from the garden and bring them in to dry. I personally love hanging them in small bunches by twine from the window curtain rods. If you have a special herb drying place, make the most of it, and the instant magic pure botanicals can create in any space.

3. Bless and cleanse your space.

The turning of the wheel provides an excellent opportunity to smudge your home (also a great time to check those batteries on fire alarms). You can use a simple ceremony with sage wands, or feel free to use our full cleansing and blessing ceremony.

4. Bake apples.

This is the perfect time to unleash your inner kitchen witch. Grab some apples and revel in an old favorite or find a new treasured recipe for warm apple cake, bread or pastries. Share with friends and family.

5. Warm your spirit.

Start a gratitude journal. Gratitude opens the energies to bring more into your life. In opening your heart chakra--you'll also open yourself up to more friendships, trust, and self-love.

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