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Did you know that our sense of smell is our strongest sense out of the five? Smells are strongly linked to our minds. A good example is how a certain smell can bring back a specific memory and instill select feelings. With our sense of smell being so powerful, we can use this to our advantage. How about enhancing our feelings?

Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy for a long time as methods of elevating one’s mood. While there are so many wonderful smells to choose from, we have selected five uniquely different smells that all boast the benefits of enhancing one’s mood.


If you want to feel like royalty, then rose is the scent for you. Rose connects to the heart and invites feelings of love and romance. It is the perfect smell for bringing more love into your life. Rose also relieves stress, depression, and anxiety. Studies have shown that the scent of rose can also physically lowers our heart rate.


The smell of this perennial flowering plant has many positive effects in supporting relaxation and peace. It has been used as a smell to help one fall asleep, relaxing and calming the mind. A study in Japan showed that lavender also increases work productivity. In the study, researchers monitored the number of errors made by clerical staff. The smell of lavender reduced these keyboarding errors by 80%! Overall, lavender is a great scent for your mind (and mood).


Patchouli is all good things anti. It is antifungal, antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and an antiseptic. It also boasts at being an insecticidal and an aphrodisiac as well, making it a very beneficial essential oil. One of the ways Patchouli will elevate your mood is by relaxing it. This scent has adaptogenic and sedative properties, helping to lower stress and regulating the hormones that aid in one feeling anxiety, restlessness, and other forms of stress. 


Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee first thing in the morning? While most people enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee, the smell alone has powerful perks. A U.S. study showed that smelling coffee improves your cognitive functions, and improves one’s performance. The smell of coffee also brings a pleasant and uplifting feeling, similar to the drink itself.


The smell of peppermint is known to be refreshing and invigorating. One recent study found that peppermint oil is a natural cognitive enhancer. It was discovered that peppermint can enhance memory and increase alertness. Its energy-enhancing smell can boost one’s mood, helping one to feel more motivated and active as well.

No matter what your scent preference, any one of these five scents has been shown to elevate your mood. Whether it is by bringing more motivation, or instilling and calming and relaxing feeling, you can find a smell that works for you.

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