5 Signs You Are An Empath & 5 Ways to Protect Yourself


HIghly Sensitive Person

I never understood why some people made me so tired. I mean, who doesn't have that friend that after 15 minutes of talk -- you are just spent? 

How do you know if there might be more just below the surface?

Am I an Empath

I knew for myself as I began taking Shamanism and Meditation teacher courses that I was an empath. The subject kept coming up and I realized for myself that taking baths and protecting my energy were critical aspects of my own self-care--but it took me years to connect that other people were also trying to navigate the world being highly sensitive with no idea how to communicate the issue or how to solve issues that stemmed from it.

One night, around a fire a woman next to me told us of her days at work. She would wake up energized and happy, and by the end of the day--she was exhausted. She was struggling with depression and was thinking of quitting her job.

We asked her to tell us what happened during the course of the day and she relayed that everyone came to her with their problems.  She could feel their problems. She felt like they just opened up to her without her starting conversations or even wanting to be part of it, but once it started, she felt terrible if she resisted. It was beginning to really wear on her emotional well being. 

A classic Empath. 

Here are 5 key signs you may be an Empath or Energetically Sensitive Person:

1. You are creative. At Angels and Sages, we believe creativity is an expression of the Divine. The more creative you are, the more in tune with Universal and Energetic flow you will be. 

2. You can read emotions. You know how people are feeling before they tell you. In some ways, this may have saved your life, averted personal disaster, and let you know when to ask the boss for a raise. Unchecked, you can take on energy of the people around you. 

3. You're probably an introvert. The observer. You feel at home in Nature and who says a dog doesn't qualify as a real friend? 

4. You are a mediator. Peace and balance are the areas you want everyone to be in tune to. Why? It's easier on you. You feel the weight of conflict and chaos. 

5. You get it done. If there's a problem, you solve it. Again-- you're best spot emotionally is in a place of equilibrium. 

Simple things you can do to keep yourself centered:

1. Take time in nature. This doesn't have to be anything huge. It can be as simple as walking in a city park. Walk mindfully and be in the present moment. Take off your shoes if you can for a minute or two and connect with Mother Earth. Just get out and truly connect with the air, the ground, the sky and the elements around you. 

2. Take a bath at the end of the day to let it all fall away. Yes. It's that easy. Lavender baths have been used spiritually for centuries to cleanse (the name Lavender actually means bathe) our bodies and our Aura. Angels and Sages carries a wonderfully relaxing empath cleansing and protection bath for this exact reason. 

3. Use mindfulness in the morning. Before you go into work, or school, or whatever the situation or encounter may be -- imagine a ball of light around you. This ball is your protective bubble and you're going to step into the ball and zip it up over your head before you walk out the door. Add some mirrors to it if you like. Pretend you're in a fabulous protective disco ball bubble that sends energy right back to its owner. You don't have to carry the burden. I use a daily essential oil perfume specifically designed to protect my aura. I put it on, and that's a signal to myself that I'm not taking the energetic gunk today. Even if you can't do a lavender bath, get in the water. Give that energy over to the element of water to neutralize and carry it away. Give thanks to the water.

4. Pay attention to distance. Did you know your energetic body is anywhere from 6 inches to a foot away from your physical body? Now. If the person next to you also has an energetic body just like yours, and you sit close together--guess what? You are going to absorb energy. Pay attention to the people you allow in your personal space. 

5. Say no. It's ok to do this. Practice makes perfect.

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