Herbal Entrepenuership

I was asked to speak at an upcoming conference on herbal entrepreneurship and I'm so excited at the opportunity.

My first thoughts were on 3 things to think about before starting your herbal business, but the more I sit on the topic --the more I move from that.


No matter if you are a budding herbalist, or a seasoned car salesman or a nurse in a medical will encounter similar things and the most important is being comfortable in asking for the sale.

If you can not ask for the sale, you will not make money.

You need to be ok with taking the money.

Are you comfortable and confident in your pricing structure? If not--are you comfortable in your pricing but uncomfortable in asking people to pay?

If so, you're not alone. Selling is (for most of us) a learned thing. Just like public speaking or driving a car.

Get up. Go to the mirror and say out loud to yourself "I am ok taking your money"  a few times and then come back...

How did it feel? Did you feel like a car salesman? Did it feel good? Did it roll off the tongue or get caught right there in your throat?

I imagine, for some, it felt terrible. I use the car salesman approach because when I ran medical spas and clinics, I often hired individuals from that area because they knew how to ask for the sale effortlessly.

In my recent past, I have had to come between a nurse who injects Botox and scheduling staff because the nurse felt "icky" for being of a sales mindset and told one of my staff members she was "acting like a car salesman." In her defense, this was exactly where I pulled her from.

No one needs a BMW, and no one needs Botox. There is a strong market for both.

I explained this, and saw the connection in the nurse who now sells without issue and in her comfort zone. She is careful to always weigh ethics and client needs with her job as a member of a sales team.

As herbalists (and it is the same for medical personnel) we are often reluctant to pursue the sale because the industry is nurturing and aligned with helping people.
If we can't be comfortable in asking for the sale, guess what?

We don't get it.

I'm not telling you to run numbers, to sell manure to farmers, or do anything out of ethical alignment but if you don't get comfortable in asking for the sale -- your business will never thrive.

Need to know where to start?

Take a sale course online or in-person.

You can start with the people who love and support you. This will be the most uncomfortable because you won't want to charge them.

Begin negotiating with yourself in the mirror. Your mantra is "I will take your money."

Say it enough and you will.

Can't get enough? Explore more here

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