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Dena–How do you do it all? Work. Kids. Multiple businesses? Husband?

Some days. Not very well.

Other days? Home runs…

I firmly believe that the first few minutes of your day are critical. What you do and how you use this period of time will set the flow of every day.

It took me years to realize and believe this. I shifted my priorities from hitting the snooze button on the alarm over and over again to finding a simple morning routine that has made a huge impact in my life.

I first recognize that life happens to every one of us, and I use one of my favorite rules of meditation and mindfulness to help me get over the hurdle of not being enough by being kind to myself as priority. None of us need the cumulative baggage of “are we good enough” as we juggle kids, and home, and maybe work and life and any number of things we do each day.

My day begins between 0430 and 0530.  I began this routine because I learned our bodies do best if we get up in the 2 hours before the sun rises. This is the timeframe for natural biorhythms of wake and motion–so we are more productive if we rise in tune with natural rhythms. We may not be in the wild anymore, but our DNA is still in tune with ancient practices of foraging and hunting.

Mentally I was prepared to do this but the reality is–it took me a good week or two to make this a consistent practice. Some days snooze still wins. Be kind to yourself if you have off days.

I also wanted to make sure I had my time before my kids got out of bed and started demanding every second of my time before we go through our 9-5 shuffle. Why? Keep reading…

Rise. Meditate. Move.

1. Rise: with love and gratitude. Give gratitude to the universe that you made it to another day. Take a second to reflect on the things in your life that you are grateful for. Your list may be long or short. It may be hard on some days, and not on others–but find something. Appreciate it. Whatever it is.

Pee: There we go. Get rid of it. Now you’re ready for action.

2. Meditate: Find your space and hold space for you. This may be the only moment you have for you that someone else is not trying to edge in on. it is critical to your mental and emotional heath to take care of yourself. Begin your day with at least 15 minutes of meditation. This allows you to tap into your creative side, to release stress accumulation from the day/night before, and gives you space to set your intention for the day.

As you end your meditation practice, know that you are in your creative space and you  have energetic control of how this day is going to go. How you are going to approach and react to the day will impact your whole household. Plan it with purpose. Will your day be fun and peaceful? Productive? Will you eat healthy? Take a nap? Take a stroll? Speak your intention to yourself 3 times.

3. Move. Do a little movement. Simple pushups, or sit-ups. Morning yoga. A stroll. Anything that you can do to get the circulation moving. I typically will go through a series of Sun Salutations or 5 Tibetan Rites for about 15-20 minutes…

and then? Start the day in whatever manner you wish.


I crawl back in bed right before my kids get up…calm…welcoming…mind clear and heart open…just in time to hear the feet of toddlers coming down the hallway towards my room.

I pretend to be asleep as they crawl into my bed.

We cuddle for a few minutes before we start the day.

Purposeful intention makes every moment of every day.

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