Intention Candle Care


Congratulations! You've selected the perfect spell candle to help manifest your intentions. Let's discuss the best ways to care for your candle as you release your intentions into the Universe. 

candles for healing

The lid is important. When you are not burning your candle, keep the wax covered to keep the energy in the container and to keep your scent fresh. 

Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch for best results. Don't cut it too short or the wick will become covered in wax. Only trim the wick when the candle is cool and the wax is hard. 

If you wick becomes a ball or mushroom, gently trim the excess off. 

Your candle has been charged with intention and energy. The first time you burn it, do not extinguish it until you get a decent melt pool. For soy candles this will be when the melted wax meets the edge of the jar. For the colorful palm wax candles this will be when the wax melt pool is larger than a quarter. This practice will help seal the intention of the candle and create a candle memory. 

Always allow your candles to fully cool and harden before relighting them. 

Never leave candles unattended while burning. This includes leaving them attended by pets and small children or falling asleep when they are burning. 

Burn in a draft free area clear of curtains, books, baskets etc. Drafts will cause your candle to burn faster. 

Always place candles on a heat-resistant base and set on a level stable surface. If you are going to burn your candle as a ritual candle for a prolonged period, place candle in a container of water because the jar can become very hot and possibly crack. 

Always extinguish your candle by snuffer or other mechanism instead of blowing it out. Energy and intention has been set in the candle and you do not want to blow all that work all over the room. Keep it in the jar. Angels and Sages has inexpensive ones here.

candle extinguisher

Please recycle your candle jar. 


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