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Coffee grounds are an excellent thing for both the garden and your skin.

I covet my old grounds like currency and save them for the garden to add nitrogen to the soil and create my favorite impromptu body scrub.

Coffee has been used for years in spas across the world to exfoliate and gently massage the skin to combat the signs of cellulite.

The scent is also a perfect pick-me-up.

My go-to recipe?

Grab a Tupperware or other plastic container. You can use glass, but I once broke a scrub jar in the shower and stepping over the pieces as I tried to clean up the mess was one of the more exciting events of that week. Each time I hopped in the shower over the next several days--I worried I was going to cut myself.


3 TBSP Coffee Grounds
2 TBSP Sugar
2 TBSP Olive Oil


Mix dry ingredients together and then slowly stir in liquid ingredients.


After you wash, gently rub a small amount of scrub onto your body in a clockwise motion (keep out of eyes, mouth, genital areas)  Let sit for a moment and then rinse off.
Try and air dry vs. towel dry when stepping out of the shower.
Be careful! Your feet may be slippery.
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