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We have been on a tour of Apothecaries across the country in preparation for our brick and mortar opening. While I have an idea of what our flagship herbal apothecary will look like in Oklahoma City, it's still good to get out and get ideas on what works and what doesn't. 

I notice more and more that businesses are quick to offer a beverage to consumers as a way to quickly connect, and many times it works well. If you think about the nail salon--you can get everything from a bottle of water to a margarita. 

In my opinion, herbal stores should offer a beverage. It's a simple and easy way to get your consumers to connect with your products. 

We learned a great lesson in Denver that I want to share with you. 

A beautiful shop carries a tea of the day. One of the staff members crafts a custom blend every morning just before the shop opens and these teas are full of beneficial herbs. As the beverage brews, the shop fills with the aroma and as clients-- my husband and I were instantly drawn to the energy and the cup. 

It went down quickly and tasted delicious. 

About 15 minutes later my husband started sneezing. Eyes began to itch. 

What could it be? 

We had no idea what plants we had just consumed, nor did we know any allergy indications. We simply did what people will do and drank from a cup of love. Crafted with the intention of strengthening our immune systems. 

I was in awe, as the person in the family who lives on seasonal allergy medicine. He was miserable for the next 6 hours. Allergy medicine curbed the symptoms, but sinus issues followed us for the day.

I'm confident my husband will be agreeable to go back to the shop in the future, but I know he will hesitate if offered any herbal therapies in the future because of this single interaction.   

This is not a scenario you probably want for your business. I think we sometimes become focused on the benefits of the plants we craft with and our knowledge of each part--but we can not forget the audience. If you are creating anything for a diverse group of people, my recommendation is to keep it as simple as possible to decrease the potential for adverse outcomes. 

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