Negotiatng salary for women

As many of you know, I manage multiple medical clinics and spas while I work toward opening  a brick and mortar storefront for Angels and Sages. In my 9-5 we have cycles of turnover and growth just like any other business. As with any cycle of growth, teachers and teaching points surface.

I'm in interview mode this week to fill a vacant front desk position. I ask this question at every first interview: " What is your required hourly or salary pay range?".

More often than not my question is met with an apology. More frequent than the apology is a female who tells me she will take anything or gives me a wide range (with the lowest end being well below the poverty line to the highest end being a decent but still low wage).

I stop them and tell them all never to answer like this. Maybe it's not my place. Maybe it is.

Do your homework before you get to the interview and know the average salary range for the job your are trying to get. That's what they teach us all, right?

So, if that's true--why do I see this behavior over and over again?

You must know your value and to hold to that value. No matter if it's your dream job, or the way you talk to yourself, or the way you allow others to interact with you.

You know what you need to feel secure, and the lessons of your past bring value with you. If a company cannot afford what your number is--you do not belong there.

Once I say this to women, I usually get a fair market number. Told in a tone and with a body language of confidence.

This is the sad and the real part of the story.

Each of these women knew her worth before she walked in the door.

Every one of them prepared a number in her head before she walked into my office, and somewhere along the way compromised on her value just to try and meld to some unknown scale that only I possess.

A set-up for long term dissatisfaction. On the job. In a relationship. In life.

Embrace the anxiety and the nervousness and that second of pause between question and decision and move forward in the direction of that which will truly support you. 

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  • dena Bradford
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