Late Night Ramblings From a Wisdom Keeper. Part 1


Shaman Journey

When I first started down this road of wisdom keeper, I was full of energy and completely tuned into the magic that would be surrounding me daily. 

I was spiritually lopsided.

In my mind, I would be tapped into knowing things that only mystics were privy to before, and how amazing I would one day be. 

Me in my knowing. At some point over there. In the future. 

And the more I go down this path, the more I'm learning that the road is paved with actual dirt. 

Hard work. 

A few tears. Some of frustration. Others of release. Fear. Happiness.

Songs and tears. Emotions and connection.

Moments were you feel totally tuned in and moments where feel isolated and unsure. My mother once feared for my soul, and new joke around the family table is that more I journey with Earth Medicine -- the more boring I become. 

Where I once sprung into action without much thought in any aspect of my life, I now ponder all sides.

I think about my boundaries and my goals and what I'm willing to take on and what I'm content to let go. 





In my mind, I'm owner of fabulous metaphysical shop. 

In reality I manage medical clinics and spas. 

And I guess the more I journey, the more I use these skills -- not navigating a moonlight field -- but the day to day grind. 

The one of kids who need help with homework.

And co-workers who don't get along. 

The realization that's ok to not friend employees on Facebook just because they send you requests.

Finding room to breathe in the Wal-Mart checkout.

And being comfortable in the silent spaces where awkward chatter would have filled any void. 

And in recognizing that it's not a linear circle that we find ourselves in. It's a spiral, and ebb and flow and constant period of release and renewal. 

Learning to navigate change.

Learning to pause.

Facilitate our emotions as we go.

To trust intuition.

Taking leaps of faith. 

That's where magic meets the road.

Simple sounding. 

Hard to do. 

You're never alone. 

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