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Welcome to a new normal. A life with less stress, and more vitality.

Ready to learn how to meditate? Have a few questions about the process? Here are answers to the top 5 questions I get:

1. What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation has multiple physical and emotional benefits. In a broad sense, meditation decreases stress hormone levels in the body allowing us over time to tap into our emotional and creative center(s). This translates to each of us becoming more responsive and less reactive to our stressful environment.

Why is this important?

Stress hormones negatively impact the body. These impacts include the wearing away of brain nerve cells, increased risk of disease like diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Meditation can help counteract the physical impacts of stress allowing us to not only feel better and look younger, but to also decrease disease processes within the body. Learning to meditate and establishing a routine meditation practice will help your physical health and vitality of the duration of your life.

2. I can’t meditate. I’ve tried and my brain will not stop thinking. What am I doing wrong?

Great question! You are not doing anything wrong. Your brain is programmed to think. The point of meditation is not to completely clear your mind of thoughts.


The goal of meditation is mindfulness--or is to have a single point of focus. If you find your mind wandering just bring your attention back to the point of focus. Over and over again if needed. This re-focusing impacts the brain/stress response and is what allows you to eventually get to a place of silence and optimal stress release. On your way to this place (the Gap or Transcendence) your body goes through several states of relaxation. So even if you do not get to the “gap” each time you meditate–you still reap benefits from the practice of meditation.

3. What is the most important thing I can do to be successful at meditating?

1. Successful Meditation requires practice. Your willingness to do the practice: This is easy. You have to want to do the practice. Meditation and mindfulness is not something that can be forced on you. It is a practice where benefits will only be seen if you do it, and no one can really take charge of what happens in your mind but you.

2. Your non-judgemental attention: Meditation is an easy practice. You need an easy focus. Don’t try too hard. You will use the same amount of attention to meditate as you do to look at a light, or listening to someone speak. Just be present, without expectations or a list of what you should be doing while meditating. Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

3. An object to focus on: Remember, the mind was made to think. To be successful at meditation you will need an object to focus on when your mind starts going down trails of thought. This can be a (mantra) silent word or phrase, an external object (trataka) like a candle flame or prayer beads or something as simple as your breath (kinesthetic) moving in and out of your nose.

4. I’m very busy. How much time does this take?

Ideally you should meditate 30 minutes each day. You can split it out into (2) 15 minute sessions if needed.

Not enough time for that? Research has shown meditation benefits can occur in as little as 8 minutes if practiced daily.

If the thought of taking time out of your day at all causes you a bit of stress–we start with something called mindfulness. An exercise in being present while doing activities. This will give you body/mind benefits while slowly working into a goal of finding time and space to allow yourself to experience the full benefits a meditation practice can bring.

5. Where should I meditate?

All you need is a quiet space free from distraction and interruption. Additionally, you will need a timer within arms reach (like your phone) and a comfortable place to sit.

Mediation is a perfect mind, body practice that brings about profound changes in your life.

A class with a certified meditation instructor is the fastest and most effective way for you to learn how to meditate. I offer a variety of convenient online and in-person meditation classes for you to choose from.

Yours in the journey,

Dena B

CEO, Angels & Sages

Healing + Home


Dena Bradford is a certified meditation instructor with the McLean Meditation Institute, she is currently living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dena teaches meditation in the greater OKC area and beyond and her focus is on practical stress reduction using breath and body awareness techniques that can be done any time and any place. 

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