Herbal Chai Tea Recipe

 A quick and easy herbal chai (tea) recipe with body warming ingredients to offset the cool seasons. It took me several years to "perfect" this recipe and I hope you enjoy it. The key to Chai is simple: Make it with love. It will become a source of pride and a warm welcome for your future guests. 


1 TSP Chicory
1.5 TSP Ginger
1 TSP Cardamom
2 TSP Cinnamon
1 TSP Cloves
1 TSP Pink peppercorns
1 TSP Star anise

In our home, we make tea as a beverage and as an intentional ritual in the day. Begin by taking a few long, slow deep breaths and set the intention for the beverage.

Begin by boiling water and remove it from heat source  and add spices. Let steep for 10-12 minutes. Strain. Pour into cups. Add milk, honey and/or brown sugar to taste. Enjoy.

Angels & Sages also offers an amazing ready to brew herbal loose leaf Masala Chai blend for those of you who are interested in exploring Chai, but not ready to blend your own. Find it online here.


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