When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons…

A winter staple in the Bradford house is a simple, yet uplifting Vitamin C infused honey with ginger to help with cold and flu season. 

We use it with a splash of Whiskey, or straight as is in hot water as a warming winter beverage anytime I feel a cold or flu like symptoms coming on. 

The ingredients

Jar with a lid ( I use an 8 ounce mason jar)



Fresh Ginger

How to make lemon ginger infused honey:

Wash lemons and slice

Peel about an inch of ginger and slice

Pour a bit of honey in the bottom of the jar. Add a couple of lemon slices and top with a slice of ginger. Pour honey over.

Repeat until jar is full.

Store in refrigerator.

It is common for the water in the lemons to mix with the honey. Stir it together.


Not for children under 1.

Please do not store in the cabinet.

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  • dena Bradford
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