Soy Wax Candle Care Instructions


Some things to know about soy wax candles and how to care for them
BURN TIME: Most candles will have different burn times. Burn times are dependent on several factors like the quality of the wax, the size of the wick (too hot and it will burn faster), and the size of the candle itself.  We recommend a MAXIMUM of four hours for any 8 ounce soy wax candle. As candles burn, the glass can get quite hot and shatter. If you are going to use your intention candles as a traditional 5-7 day candle, we recommend placing them in a larger hurricane style glass vase with sand at the bottom. This will help insulate from the heat, and in the event of breakage -- the damage is contained. 
We ALWAYS recommend you place the metal travel tin candles on a plate or in a bowl because the closer the candle gets to the end-- the hotter the tin can become. This is especially true if you forget about it. We recommend a burn time of one hour with the metal travel tins. 
TRIM THE WICK: Be sure to trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting to prevent the flame from becoming too large. lso, never leave wick trimmings or other debris in your candle jar. 
SAFETY: Remember. Candles = Fire. Fire = HOT. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended, or attended by children, irresponsible adults, pets, anyone in an impaired state, etc. ALWAYS extinguish a candle before leaving the room, or going to sleep. 
METAL TINS: Again, these cute tins are metal -- and metal can get very hot. ALways place on a plate or elevate. 
GLASS JARS: These things can get hot too. They can crack and shatter if they burn too long. 
SOY CANDLES HAVE A MEMORY:  When you light your candle for the first time, it is very important to remember it has a memory. Yep. Just like you and me. Always burn your soy candle until you see a full melt pool in your container. Typically, this will take about an hour for our 8 ounce candle jars. This does two things: 
1. It allows your scent to bloom. 
2. If you don't let your candle reach this point, you will have a candle with that annoying tunnel. All subsequent burns from here on out will also have that same tunnel (hence the memory). You'll waste product, and might have a bad fragrance too because it will be trapped on the outer edges of your tunnel. 
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