The Thing About Magic


I got an email earlier this week from a woman who wanted me to create a product for her to change a behavior in her lover. It was evident by her note that she loves him, and is also troubled by his actions. I offered support, but no magic cure.


Magic is nothing more or less than intention. Our focused intention manifests our desires. One has to believe and also feel the emotion as if the request has already come to pass. A popular estimate is that you need to hold the feeling for about 17 seconds for real manifestation to begin.

If your intention for change is not greater than the persons own desires, nothing will happen. I found this pearl of wisdom on the internet some time ago, and it has stuck with me as a guide in my own life as I form intentions and set desires:

If someone's will to do a thing is stronger than your wish for them to quit it, you're not going to have much success. And if his behavior is a major part of his personality, his nature, him, there's not much you can do about it. "I can't bind my roosters from crowing, alas, but at least they don't bite. If they did, they wouldn't live here."

Zen Candle

Need a moment of peace? Take Sixteen.

The energy you put out comes back to you. There are lots of ways to center your energy to feel more relaxed and peaceful. You know I love candles, like this Inner Peace one as a tool to help me create.

My go to that works anywhere and at any time? 

The best exercise if you want to manifest anything positive in your life is to meditate. Meditation decreases stress hormones and improves our outlook.

Before doing any energy work, take a quick pause and get your breath. You can also use this anytime you are feeling anxious or stressed as it immediately impacts your central nervous system and stops the flight or fight reaction.

A quick yogic method for centering and balancing your body through breath is called the "sweet 16"

Take a deep breath in to the count of four. 1...2...3...4

Hold your breath to the count of four. 1...2...3..4

Release your breath to the count of four. 1...2....3...4

Hold your breath to the count of four. 1...2...3..4

Repeat four times.

How do you feel?


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