What are the meanings of folk charms called Milagros?


MEaning Milagros

You may have seen these tiny charms nailed to painted hearts, on tiny wall shrines, on bracelets or in the prayer candles of the Angels and Sages catalogue as seen below, but what are they -- and what do the symbols represent?

These folk charms act to help petition Spirit and act as votive offerings, and/or are carried for luck. 

Each has a different meaning. Below is a quick explanation of some of the most common charms and what they mean, outside of an illness specific to that body part (These are also used to pray for the body part): 

Arm: Strength, Work, Embrace, Hold

Bull: Anger, Strength

Dog: Loyalty, Dog, Protection

Eyes: Insight, Creativity, Vision

Girl or Boy: Innocence, Child, Pregnancy

Heart: Love, Longing, Passion, Concern

Hand: Help, Work, Strength, Creativity

House: Home, Family, Protection

Horse: Work, Travel

Leg: Travel, Support, Strength

Mule: Work, Stubbornness, Steadfast

Praying woman or man: Faith, Humility, Saint

Pig: Abundance, Food, Eating

Sheep: Fidelity, Faithfulness, Community

Woman’s/man’s head: Wisdom, Mind, Thought

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