Colored candles for spiritual work

Congratulations on exploring your personal spiritual practices in more depth. Candle magic is one of my favorite additions to my own personal life ceremonies, meditations and daily rituals (both the exciting and the mundane).

Candles and/or oil lamps have been used in Religious, Pagan and Wiccan rituals for centuries to help craft desired outcomes on daily life.

Why do we use candles in rituals? Candles are focal objects for our intentions and desires. In harnessing your intention and sending it purposefully into the universe--you are creating or manifesting your desire. It truly becomes an intention candle by providing a tangible focus for our wishes. And let's face it--fire is a little hypnotic. Flame has been used since the very first fires to assist humans in divination, prayer, meditation and tapping into the metaphysical aspects of our universe. 

Think of a candle like a sacred tool and as it burns it takes your petition into the Universe.

Manifestation and law of attraction in motion.

The candles go by many names: Hoodoo Candle, Spell Candle, Magic Candle and Intention Candles--but no matter the name, they all are founded in the same way and do the same thing.

Here is a quick overview of the major symbolic colors of spiritual candles and a few of the main actions attributed to each intention candle--note that each aligns directly with the psychology of color theory or our reactions to color in general:

WHITE: Taps into higher levels of consciousness. Peace, Innocence, Purity, Healing, Divination. When in doubt, use a white candle for your spiritual work because white is the master color and can be used in all rituals.

BLACK: Think of black candles in terms of protection and safety. It is used for banishing negative spiritual energy, negativity in general, evil, disease or illness and to attract the healing energy of the Universe. 

PURPLE: Purple is the color of the higher spiritual realms. Use purple in your candle magic to tap into these avenues: meditation, Third Eye Chakra or psychic work, divination exercises like Tarot readings, lucid dreaming (be mindful of fire hazards), or any work where you need both protection and to tap into the spirit world. Also drives away evil.

PINK: My favorite candle color to work with because it's associated with love (self and romantic), feminine energy, friendship, caring and affection. Use this candle in love and attraction spell and intention work.

GOLD: Think enlightenment with gold. Why? Because gold is representative of light in the highest form. That's why you hear light workers channeling a golden ray when meditating. Gold is the color of fortune and success of victory and faith. Use a gold candle when you want your petition or desires to reach spiritual or cosmic powers quicker for faster manifestation.

GREEN:  Green is the color of abundance, of the earth and healing. Green candles are perfect for luck in business and health. Light A green candle to honor nature, assist in healing or even to help bind jealousy.

RED: Love and sex. Lust. Passion. Fire. Survival. Independence. Red is aligned with our basic needs through our carnal needs (and everyone needs to be touched). Use red when working with the most basic needs of power, sensuality and magnetism.

BLUE: Blue candles are perfect when dealing with issues of physical and mental healing. It is the color of calm, serenity and represents water. I am always drawn to a picture of the Virgin Mary when I think of blue. Truth. Honor. Forgiveness. Meditation. Shades of blue in candle magic are important--with each shade having a slightly different meaning along this general idea. Darker blues are more directed to dreams and emotional states while lighter blues (calm watery) are more meditative, reflective, truthful and calm.

BROWN: Think stability and animals. Brown is reflective of the earth. Grounding. Centering. Great for blessing homes and workplaces. Also rumored to help find lost items, in part because of the nature of connection that brown candles are used for.

YELLOW: The Sun. Warmth. Intelligence and luxury. Yellow candles are masculine in nature and deals primarily with mental abilities. Taking a test? Grab your yellow candle and enjoy the solid, cheerful and stable energy it provides.

ORANGE: Orange is a power color for sudden movement and change. Light and orange candle to manifest creativity quickly, before business and legal meetings. It is also the color of joy and celebration. 

I hope you've enjoyed this overview on magic candles and color selections. In no way is this an exclusive list--but it's a start and starting is always the best way to any adventure.

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