What is Energy Healing?


What is energy healing

Reiki, yoga, meditation, oh my! Energy Healing has recently spiked in popularity as everyone desperately tries to escape the stress, chemicals and unnatural elements of the modern world. But it can be difficult understanding how energy can provide healing. After all, what is energy? Today, we’re going to get to the root of how tapping into your energy can provide healing that goes beyond your wildest expectations. 

Your Body is Mostly Energy

Before we get into the definition of energy healing, it’s important to understand that your body is made up mostly of energy. It’s easy to assume quite the opposite, with all the physical entities associated with your make up. However, several studies have proven that the human body is made up of 99.99% light and energy. In other words, you are an energy being and much more than just a physical body. By understanding this, you can start to understand why and how energy healing is such an effective way to treat all kinds of illnesses, diseases and health concerns.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that’s been used since ancient times. It’s the process of tapping into the body’s energy systems to activate and remove any blocks. By doing so, your energy is then able to flow freely throughout your body, to provide thorough and optimal healing from within. That’s energy healing in a smudge.

Different Types of Energy Healing

The list of types of energy healing therapies is incredibly long – so long that we’d be here all day if we mentioned all of them. So, instead, let’s focus on the most popular forms of energy healing, many of which you’ve likely heard of or may have even tried yourself if you're a Shamon or interested in shamanism. 


Reiki Healing

This form of energy healing using one’s hands to transmit energy from their body to yours, to remove the blocks in your mind, body and spirit. 



Yoga is, inarguably, one of the most popular forms of energy healing; an exercise that works out more than just your physical body. Through the various movements, stretches and deep breathing exercises, you are able to release tension and remove energy blocks to promote healing for your mind, body and spirit.



Aromatherapy is a form of energy healing that uses aromatic scents, plant extracts and essential oils to provide relief. Angels and Sages has an abundance of aromatherapy options, from essential oils to incense, smudge kits and more.



Similar to the prior, meditation uses deep breathing and a distraction-free space to calm the mind, body and spirit to provide optimal healing from within.  You can use meditation tools and accessories such as Tibetan temple bells and smudge feathers for a deeper realm of relaxation and healing.


Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing is a form of natural energy healing that’s focused on aligning the body’s 7 main energy centers to correct any ailments, discomfort or dysfunctions. By doing so, you can balance your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state.


Crystal Healing

Crystal healing dates back to ancient times and fortunately, is still around today. It’s the process of using specific gemstones to draw out negative energy from your body. The stones can be placed on specific parts of your body or held in your hands, depending on the gemstone you’re using and the healing you’re seeking. Some crystals can even be placed under your pillow or worn as jewelry to provide curing and protection against ailments and diseases.

You can even enjoy crystal healing from intention candles infused with the crystal that meets your healing needs.

The best part about energy healing is that it doesn’t come with a massive price tag. In fact, you can do all of these forms of energy healing right in the comfort of your own home.     

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