What Is House Numerology, And How Does It Impact Me?


House Numerology

How does the number of your address impact your {home} life?

If we look at numerology as an underlying dynamic flow to most things, then the physical address of your home or business becomes critical to understanding how to maximize the energy within your space.

How to determine your house number? Add together the sum of all the numbers until you get to a single number. An example 10905 = 1+ 0 + 9 + 0 + 5 = 15. 1 + 5 = 6. So, my house number is 6. Another example 3110 = 3 + 1 + 1 + 0 = 5. My work building number is a 5.

Now that you've mastered the basics...here's a handy quick guide. There a many, many free resources on the internet that you can explore in greater depth for your own unique needs.

1 HOME. One is about independence, leadership, ambition, and drive. So, 1 is a great match for people who are career and goal oriented, who work from home or are entrepreneurs. Maybe not the best fit for people who are not motivated unless--there is a desire to improve this life philosophy as the number lends well to self discipline. A great fit for singles who desire to remain that way. If you are single and steadily looking for a partner, this may not be the best fit.

Keep the home or business clean and not cluttered. Allow energy to flow throughout the location. Action colors like oranges, yellows, and other bright colors will be a good fit and remember to add an occasional plant here and there to infuse fresh air and life into the space.

2 HOME. Two is a paired or family number. This space will bring about romance, feminine energies of creativity, sensitivity, and empathy. This is a number of peace and healing and allows peaceful. loving energy. Imagine families with kids. Couples newly married. holidays with friends and family. Single people may find the home draining. This is a social home or business and needs family, friends and visitors.

Décor is best in warm, inviting or soft pastel colors with fluffy blankets, carpets, inviting furniture that lends to feminine energy and coordinated rather than eclectic.

3 HOME. Three is a fun number. It's creative, flexible, artistic, open and happy. This address is made for the artist, the writer, those in passionate pursuit of life and adventure. A great spot for singles, couples, kids, mature adults and those just starting in life. This is one of the best all around addresses to have...unless you live for ambitious pursuits. Because of the creative and open flow of the space--it may not be a best work from home location or the best for very serious people or the very religious.

With this being the artsy residence your décor will want to be bright, artistic, modern, eclectic or unconventional, bridging styles and eras. This home doesn't care what people think, and it's owner probably doesn't either.

4 HOME. This is a home for the ages. It's solid, grounded and centered. The energy here inspires strength, dependability, financial growth, family and moral values, responsibility and feels like any number of functional TV family homes. I bet in imaginary TV land the Brady's, Cosby's and most homes on tree lined streets were all 4s. This is the most solid address for families, but it may drain the creative types.

As the energy of this home is earth-- strengthen it with earth elements and colors. Woods. Natural color tones. Open curtains to let light in, elements of luxury. I had a 4 home and am a creative--and she and I did well by mixing elements of wood and metal and earth tones and modern and antique in slightly eclectic-- but not overly erratic ways.

5 HOME. This space is anything but conventional. It almost has a mind of its own--and that mind is a smart one. My work is a 5. My boss is continually coming up with new projects. Occasionally without thought to finance or how it will be implemented--but it generally always comes together. He is a risk taker and often reaps significant rewards. The space was meant for him, he picked the lot and built. Energetic attraction at its best and there is constant action and change going on here.

This is freedom, creativity and caters to the individual more than the group. Be mindful--without proper planning and direction here--chaos can and will appear and negative financial growth may occur. Because of the chaotic energy that can be found here --this is not a good space for addicts or people who are looking for conventional relationships.

Like the artist residence--feel free to add as much color and texture and odd décor as your heart desires. Avoid the space if there is a lack of windows that open (because you want to let that chaos energy out so the clutter doesn't become an issue). If you're already in the space, add some water and plant elements and maybe even an aquarium.

6 HOME. My home is a six, with reason. It is the best address for families and relationships. There are no real negatives to the six house. It's open, warm and welcoming. The six house feels like home and its energy wants to help strengthen those bonds. This is a home with a heart and a spirit. Reading nooks, comfortable furniture, light and or bright colors, toys, art, books, treasures and all things that lend to relationships and comfort belong here. The home is also well suited for all personality types.

I've lived in many homes, and each has a unique feel--but the 6 feels like the home has a soul. Like a grandmother, or a godmother and she wants you to enjoy every moment of living in the shared space you and she co-create.

7 HOME. Seven is a special number. A sacred number tied to higher level consciousness. Another unconventional space and a great spot for spiritual, but not necessarily those firmly rooted in organized religious avenues. This is a place of depth of spot and spirit. Contemplative. Meditative. Mindful.

Keep the clutter to a minimum. Keep the décor in line with the nature of the space. Light. White. Airy. Minimalistic. Get rid of the things you don't need. When I think of the number seven as a home or office--Scandinavian minimalism comes to mind.

8 HOME. Eight is strong, sturdy and secure. In my mind, every luxury home with a big central fireplace and impossibly expensive comfortable leather chairs is an eight. Material comfort is a high priority in this space for the people that live and/or work here This is a spot for convention, for tradition and the status quo.

Help the energy of the space with solid earthy colors and textures. Big furniture; big couches, chairs, side tables, etc. Allow space between the furniture for energy to flow and people to move. Large windows, open spaces, fire place. A home gym.

9 HOME. Nine is a home for individuality, intention, intuition, humanitarianism and spirituality. The home will promote charitable giving while challenging you to step up and do your part in making the world a better place. Nine is also a number of letting go, of resolving issues and moving on. While nine helps you go, this isn't always an easy process.

Wide, open widows, bright colors and open spaces help the energy. Pastel colors and plants, and keep the space light and airy to help connect with the positive energy and power of the space.

Have you found yourself already in a space that you energetically don't match with? Changing the energy can be as easy as adding another number on the inside of the door.

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