What is manifestation?


what is manifestation

Manifestation is achieving your dreams, hopes, and desires once you have put the intention into the universe with purpose and emotion.

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

At Angels and Sages, we believe in the power or intention and manifestation to help bring harmony, peace, and joy into our lives.

You may have heard of this as something called the Law of Attraction from a famous movie called The Secret.

How does manifestation happen?

Each of us has desires. Things we want or need and things we don't want.

Each desire, or wish can be thought of as an intention. Our intentions become petitions to the Universe to bring wanted change into our lives.

To open yourself up to manifest your desires, it is important to clearly state your intention.

Manifestation begins with the feeling, or emotion of gratitude of what you have in your life. Being thankful and feeling love or gratitude for what you already have opens Universal energetic channels to draw more of that which you are grateful for to you.

In short--get rid of the feelings of pettiness, jealousy, wanting so and so to fail, etc. When you feel this way, energy can't flow as it should. In fact, you are drawing more of this to you. 

There is work in magic. Do the work in gratitude every day.

Believe. Believe as this thing has already happened. It's here. If you do not believe in it-- it will not appear.

Also, believe in divine timing. Just because you want it today, does not mean it will happen today. Trust in the timing and the knowing of the Universe to create at the proper time and place. 

Many of the items in the Angels and Sages catalog are intention tools to help you set your intention, to give you an object to focus on and help you as you do the work so that your dreams may come true.

Our intention candles are a great place to start. 

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