What is Meditation?


 What is meditation

Meditation is the simple practice of focusing on one thing at a time. 

That could be:

Your breath

A word, or phrase called a Mantra that you repeat out loud or silently.  

A fire or candle flame.


The goal of meditation is not to get your mind to stop thinking. That's what it was made to do, so lucky for you -- we can take the burden from stopping the monkey mind and leave it here and move forward with the idea that the mind is going to wander. 

Even people who have meditated for years struggle with thoughts and emotions that surface during the meditation. We have been trained to just refocus the mind back on the  your attention. As many times as it takes, with a gentle awareness. Be kind to yourself in the process of learning to meditate, or improving on your personal meditation practice. 

Meditation is a tool that leads to mindfulness. 

The goal of meditation is something called mindfulness. Being totally in the present moment and aware. Mindfulness is not something that happens quickly, and I believe it is work that you must pay attention to and practice like anything else and eventually you begin to notice the space in between action and reaction within yourself. 

Mindfulness becomes almost second nature after you practice meditation for a while. 

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Why practice meditation?

It helps on many fronts:

To decrease stress

To increase longevity by reengaging Teleomeres in our DNA (the part of us that regulates long life)

It improves brain function and elasticity

It improved mood and feeling good

Meditation helps us get a better nights sleep.

There's wrong way to do it. Why not give it a try now? 

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