What is Soul Centered living?


Soul Centered

Soul-Centered has become a bit of a catchphrase in certain circles, but what does it mean? The first time I heard this as a concept, I was just beginning my meditation teacher certification and I didn't pay much attention to it but as time went I began to appreciate the philosophy of living a soul centered life.  

To me, being Soul Centered means living mindfully from the heart. 

It's a simple concept, but a shift in your life. Soul Centered means letting go of things like ego and learning to let your soul lead.

Meditation is the best tool in my life skills arsenal to help me better connect with the people and moments in my life one moment at a time. Through meditation, we become more aware of our presence in order to be more present.

How often have you found yourself playing with your kids while your mind wanders, or interacting with friends but not fully paying attention to the conversation? In space with your spouse--how distracted are you?

When we slow down and pay attention to our breath, our bodies and our hearts we have a greater capacity to live from a place of inner wisdom, peace, creativity and deeper connection. Change isn't always easy, and living mindfully takes practice. 

Part of this practice includes listening to your body and your feelings with kindness while making decisions based on how you and other feel. 

mindful living in okc with angels and sages

Although a practice in mindful living, being soul centered gets easier as time goes on. You just have to make the consistent effort by showing up every day and actually doing the work.

It's choosing connection over disconnect. Sometimes you must disconnect to renew and re-engage.

It's embracing compassion over judgment. Compassion and judgement can not exist in the same space. 

It's getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Living from the heart means opening yourself up to potential failure. 

Knowing and being comfortable in silence. IN silence you connect with your own inner voice and intuition.

Being humble.

Embracing a beginners mind, and letting go of expectations.

It's being kind to yourself as well as others.

Listening to your inner knowing.

It's living in today.

Being grateful.

Believing in omens.

Embracing love.

In not having all the answers..

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