What is Tarot?

For many years, the thought of Tarot in my mind directly aligned with fortune telling machine Zoltar from the movie "Big." A mystery. Scary. What exactly was picking the cards?

A good spirit? A bad spirit posing as a good spirit? Did I want to be messing with any spirits at all????? Is Tarot evil?

I picked up random Tarot card decks to begin learning and would talk myself out of it almost as quickly as I had begun.

I can't tell you how many decks I've gone through.

I was curious, but a little scared to tap into something or invite something into my life that I didn't need in it.

Would I become dependent on the deck?

Would it open a portal like one of those ghost shows on cable tv?

In truth, the reality was never as exciting as the stories I made up in my mind. It took me years to finally open myself up to the possibility that I could logically approach the matter and leave my overactive imagination behind.

As I looked into the history of Tarot and also consulted modern experts--I began to understand that the card deck was nothing more than a mirror image of me and what was going on on an emotional level within me.

Because your world--your environment is a direct reflection of your mental and emotional state--the cards that you select are also a reflection of you.

Because of that, Tarot reveals your potential.

Hopes, Fears, What you are Projecting and Manifesting in the world based on your current emotional state.

These 78 cards that have been used for Divination and Fortune Telling for centuries are nothing more than a tangible tool to view your inner thoughts, fears, and direction at a given point in time.

Nothing more or less exciting than that.

The 22 major tarot cards or Arcana are a reflection of your archetypal nature and symbolize our most basic issues within ourselves.

You are the fool as you leap into unknown circumstances.

You are the tower as you resist change and inner peace when you know change is needed.

The 56 minor tarot cards are more about people, events, and experiences around you as you encounter them during your life journey.

Wands are representative of our will, energy, actions, and vision.

Pentacles represent our reality, the substance of our lives.

Swords are reflective of our current mindset.

And Cups our emotions.

Now that you have an overview, I encourage you to grab a deck and learn one card at a time so that you too can tap into your potential.

I recommend a basic deck to begin with and work your way up to more elaborate decks.


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  • dena Bradford
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