When does a feather feel as heavy as an anchor?

how to center your energy
Today I had a learning opportunity from the universe. I've been reading a book and in the book the author talks about the time she had the opportunity to meet Louise Hay.
She was so excited about the interaction and full of nervous energy that when she approached Louise, she literally bowled her over with her energy. Louise, as the teacher in the lesson, was swift in her response saying something along the lines of never, ever attack someone with your energy.

The words from the text came full circle for me today. I had my own chaos energy moment, and it brought this point home for me--because what the author called "bowling over" I'm pretty confident I call "chaos energy."  .
My first almost published on my website terrible review from a client. I was out of town with the family and looked at my phone and saw an image of a negative review and panic hit me. My goal with Angels and Sages is exceptional service--and this was not it. I had forgotten to pack a feather in an outgoing shipment.
The woman who ordered it was not happy. Enter chaos energy.

I quickly typed back what I thought was an excellent reply with the goal of making her happy. The other end promptly told me--she was not. And so I thought I would take a quick breath, do the family thing and not dwell on the feather.
In my haste of trying to be excellent, I didn't see a kind note she had written me. All I saw was a picture and lousy review. I attacked her with my out of balance nervous and erratic energy while trying to be amazingly helpful.
My energy center was spinning out of balance due to my emotional state -- and it literally projected through my writing to her. It turned into a bit of a chaotic situation because my response was crafted in a moment of inner chaos.

That's what chaos energy does. It spirals and pings around and just wrecks havoc.

I had to write her back, I was now 3 emails in, I knew the situation would end in a lost client and a terrible review.  Feeling that the situation was totally out of my control, I took a few breaths and crafted a response thinking this was not recoverable and locked my phone in a locker and walked away from it.

I was not going to let this moment define my day.
Mentally I was still with it.

Swimming in an emotion of fear that I would lose clients, and having feelings of  self-doubt.
That feather weighed on me heavily most of the afternoon. Until  I realized what going on and mindfully took the time to re-center myself.
When I was ready I returned to the phone, and what I found was not a horrible reply that I had been expecting, but a sweet note about being human and to not beat myself up over a feather.
I imagined Spirit laughing in a teaching kind-of-way over my lesson. That something so light could become so heavy. The Shamans say Spirit has a great sense of humor, and that it's important to keep perspective. Something I had lost all touch of in my moments of inner turmoil.
In my moments of fear and self-doubt.

Many people talk about the importance of grounding oneself. Walk in nature, working in the garden, swimming in the ocean, or just sitting in the grass barefoot. It's cheap and easy. Imagine a cord of light running from your feet deep into mother earth. Imagine  energy from deep within the core being returned to you through this cord.


Not many people talk about the importance of centering our energy.

When we are uncentered, or out of balance, we can't function any better than a washing machine when it is out of balance. Eventually, it's going to break.

Realizing when you need to center yourself is a massive help between the moment of reaction which is exactly the first place I went to today--and the moment of mindful response. 

Reaction vs. Response.
Meditation is a tool where we train our minds to be entirely in the present moment, and mindfulness helps us realize the miniscule the pause between our response or reaction. If you find yourself in a moment of unbalanced energy of your own doing--take the time to center.

So how do we come back to center? It begins with a recognition of the need to own or reel in your energy.

Here are four steps to center your energy:
1. Recognize the need.
2. Take a seat if you can, preferably on a chair or the ground and breathe deeply into your chest cavity. A few long, slow, deep breaths. At least four breaths like this will automatically slow down your fight or flight response.
Once you feel a bit more grounded...

3. Take a moment to recognize your thoughts and the associated feelings without beating yourself up or telling yourself a story about the feeling. Be kind to yourself. Is your anger emerging due to fear? Is your stress caused by feelings of lack of self-confidence?

4. Once you have identified the root of your feelings, embrace them for a few moments. Don't resist or fight these feelings. Don't become paralyzed by them either. Allow the feelings to surface and then let those feeling naturally fall away and apart until they are gone.
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