Workday "Happy Hour"


Meditation at work

Have you ever tried to meditate at work?

Like so many things--it's only strange the first time you do it.

When I first began, I would only meditate at work when I was super stressed out. My method was to hide out in the bathroom for a few minutes. I could never actually relax because about 2 minutes into me time--the thought that someone was timing how long I had been in the bathroom would always pop into my head. 

I still wasn't ready to publicly state my intention to the office, so I moved from the restroom and found an unoccupied room....until like every open space in healthcare -- it was turned into usable clinic space.

I was left once again without a place to sit comfortably.

I had no choice but my office. It took me a while to be comfortable closing my own door and actually turning off my lights (a signal to myself and my staff that this is my time).

I told everyone what I was doing --and this was back in the day before meditation had become mainstream. To my surprise my employees and co-workers were very supportive. There is something about keeping your sanity at work that almost anyone can relate to. 

I found this mid-day pause created such a shift in my day that I feel "off" now when I don't meditate during the 9-5 grind.

The best time to try it?

Give yourself a little "happy hour" break between 2:30 and 3:30. This is the prime time for the afternoon slump anyway. Lean into it.

It'll give you a pop of energy and lift your mood.

Need a quick refresher or a class to get started? Visit this link to book your session with our certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. 

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