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Are you interested in harnessing the power of the moon to set your intention and bring about major changes in your life? For many people, this is the perfect way to manifest change, read on for details on aligning yourself with the major moon phases and associated actions to take.

NEW MOON TO FULL MOON: A time to set intentions. Gather your thoughts and set your intentions (plans). Be clear with your desires.

As the moon moves through the waxing phase, deepen your resolve. Write down your plan of action and speak it aloud.

I like to set intentions with a new moon ritual. In my opinion, this is a critical step to really bring true change.

Grab a lunar candle, either for the specific phase I'm working with--or one that has been created to work with all phases of the moon. Luna (below), is just that.

Once you have your candle, light it and take a purifying bath. I grab a pen and journal and take it into the bath with me. If I have thoughts worth writing down--I do it. 

Enjoy the process and think about the change you desire. 

Finish the bath. Grab your candle and journal.

It's time to write your desires and the initial steps you will take to create change. Keep it on hand, because you will refer to this throughout the process. 

FIRST QUARTER MOON: Take action. You may face obstacles, keep moving forward. This is a time for strength and commitment to the cause.

As the moon moves to the full moon phase--refine and readjust your intention if needed. It is a time of cultivation. You are manifesting your desires through action.

FULL MOON to NEW MOON: It is time to push through. Amplify your energy, your intentions and your affirmations. Prepare to harvest the fruit of your efforts. Release that which no longer serves you.

LAST QUARTER MOON: Allow the transformation of your desires to continue to come to you. Keep shedding that which you no longer need.

As the moon moves through this segment and back to the new moon, continue releasing things that you no longer need and keep accepting the transformation you have brought forth.

Pause. Reflect. Contemplate.

When you are ready, prepare new seeds (intentions) for future changes to be brought forth with the next lunar cycle.

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