Working with Prayer, Intention and Spell Candles


The basic guidelines for working with intention and energy as relates to candles is the same no matter if you are saying a prayer for healing, using your intention to manifest change in your life or petitioning the universe.

Energy is energy, and intention is intention. Logically, the guidelines for the work regardless of path or outcome is the same.

You'll want to create a sacred space for your intention work and put the candle there. This can be as simple as the top of a table, or as elaborate as a formal altar. Ideally, this space will be out of reach of small children and pets and also away from anything that could pose as an accelerant for fire.

In historic times, prayers and petitions were sent into the universe using oil lamps. Oil lamps were the original spell candles. As time progressed, candles became the ideal tool, and in more modern times--colored candles with sparkle have become a favorite tool. There are so many choices available and you can be as simple or elaborate as your imagination allows.

Before starting any kind of spell or manifestation work--you'll want your space to be as clean or clear of clutter as possible to allow energy to flow.

Spiritual work was historically done with what we call 5 or 7-day candles where you would light the spell candle and let it burn for 5-7 days at a time. You would write your petition on the magic candle before burning it and hope that in the process you did not also burn down your house or barn.

With the advent of glass containers, it became harder--yet still possible to write intentions on the side of the jar and burn the glass for 5-7 days.

These days, with the changing economy a true 5-7 day candle is challenging to find. The glass containers are smaller, and modifications to the process have happened as a result.

Magic and intention are evolutionary. The scents and ingredients both change and stay the same as our societies change.

You can still burn candles without extinguishing them. Today we say the glass will probably crack due to the heat and recommend placing the container inside a bowl of water for safekeeping during the process.

and that's ok.

My recommendation and practice is a little more modern than this.

I don't leave my children or pets unattended. They are less or equally likely to burn down my home.

So I don't leave my intention candles burning all day and night unattended either.

When I begin my ceremonies I write my intentions on a piece of paper and put the paper under the candle. This is equally as good as writing it on the glass.

I say a prayer before I light my candle and pause and meditate on my intention. I verbally state my intention and visualize it as though my wish has already happened. When I'm ready, I walk away.

Before I go to bed or leave home I extinguish the flame with a lid, a plate or a candle snuffer.

I'm too risk averse to leave an unattended candle burning. I don't recommend you do it either.

It is important not to blow out the candle. You have just put a lot of focus and attention into the candle to bring forth your desires. You don't want to blow that energy across the room.

Brass Candle Snuffer

After you extinguish the candle, thank God, or the Angels or whomever you work with spiritually for helping put your petition into motion.

Each time you light your candle repeat the prayer, verbalize the intention and visualize it as happened.

Each time you extinguish it, make sure to thank your spiritual higher power(s).

Angels and Sages candles come with crystals. Do not throw them away. They have been supercharged through this process with your energy and intention. Keep them to help with future intention or to keep momentum for the original petition going.

You can find inexpensive beautiful brass candle snuffers here if you don't have one, or a lid or a plate.

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