Tibetan Temple Bells (Tingsha) | CLEAR NEGATIVE ENERGY

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Product Description

These beautiful Tibetan Temple Bells are ideal for sacred house blessings, cleansing, gemstone clearing, and chakra energy healing work.

Tingsha Bells with eight auspicious symbols are a reminder of the eight great virtues and eight enlightened expressions. They are an easy-to-use meditation instrument and each is made of a blend of five metals to create a strikingly clear resonance.

Tingsha Bells are also used to offer pleasant musical sound to the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Angels, Dakas, Dakinis, and all beings.

Size: 2 1/2"in


Typically, Tingsha Bells are meditation tools used in Tibetan Buddhism to calm the mind and clear negative energies from yourself and your immediate space. We recommend using these as a meditation tool and also use them ourselves in smudging ceremonies. These bells have become an indispensable part of our own personal smudging kits.


“My first class in Shamanism did not start like most do, with the Shamanic Journey. Instead, I was having some issues in a home I owned that sat on what was once Native American lands in Florida. I tried the usual sage burning, and it seemed like the only reaction was an increasingly cranky spirit. So, I called in a few people, one of which was a Shaman.

When said Shaman arrived, I was shocked to find  a quiet, slender redhead in jeans.

Not the image I had in my mind, true, but this woman was great at her craft. And this lesson from spirit was be wary of expectations. The spirit world loves to bring you the unanticipated.

She cleared my home and taught me how to perform a home cleansing and blessing ceremony that was both practical, beautiful and deeply touching on a soulful level.

We did the salt and the sage and then went around the room with a bell to break up any stagnant energy that the sage and salt did not clear up. I didn't notice it at the time because I was just watching in awe and trying to take as many mental and literal notes as possible but the bells she used had the most beautiful, magical tone, the only way to describe them is resonant and lovely.

When I went to do my own ceremony some months later, I noticed a difference in the sound of the bell when energy is stuck vs. released. Over the years, I’ve learned that this sensorial difference is key to knowing when the job I have set out to do is actually done, and I haven’t found this to be true of other instruments, like rattles for instance.

It's been ten years since that ceremony in my home. The bells are still bright and shiny and as beautiful as the first day I brought them home."

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