All Angels and Sages products have ingredient lists clearly noted on all packaging. Below is a working list of our major ingredients  Please look over our ingredient list, and if you have any questions or concerns--please email us at

Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils: 

Many of our products are scented with pure essential oils only.

We occasionally blend aromas using both therapeutic essential oils and pure fragrance oil and/or resins to make great smelling products. 

All of our fragrance oils are Phthalate free, many fragrances on the market today use phthalates because it makes the scent stronger and it's cheaper for the manufacturer but there is a health cost to you. .  

We also use fragrance oils to help with sustainability. It takes a lot of plant material to create essential oils, and some plants are simply not sustainable because the resources are becoming scarce. 

Essential Oils are very concentrated and people can have allergic reactions. 

A well crafted blend of essential oils and fragrance oils can give you the same aromatherapy benefit or spa like experience without depleting our natural resources. 

All products will have all ingredients clearly labeled for you to make the best decision on your products based on your individual needs.