Dena Bradford

Meet Dena.

 Founder | CEO

Dena Bradford, a wellness industry leader, has a wealth of knowledge in the health and beauty industry. Starting from her humble beginnings working in hospitals to her later professional experience of running award-winning medical practices and one of the top (multi-location) medical spas in the country, she’s got decades of hands-on experience.

Her leadership experience in the beauty and health industry, combined with her credentials in advanced herbalism and natural skincare development, put her in a unique position to address real concerns with non-toxic, sustainable products that work.

When she’s not working with Angels and Sages, you’ll find Dena running the #1 Rated Medical Spa in her state, along with several medical clinics; chasing her children, and racing toward her passions; while attempting to remain present and maintain some balance. It's certainly not easy every day, but she's committed and driven to lead her best life possible and wants you to do the same.


The Nitty Gritty on Dena’s Training + Education:

Healthcare and Medical Spa Executive

Graduate Degree in Health and Human Services

Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration

Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation (completion 2021)

Advanced Herbalism Certification

Founding Member of the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Herbalist Guild

Certified Meditation Instructor

Earth Medicine School | Pixie Lighthorse

Mesa Carrier | Andean Shamanic Tradition

Enrolled Member | Cherokee Nation


How We Got Our Name |

Like all good stories, ours starts with a love story...

New couple Dena and AJ were healthcare professionals living in different cities, trying to make it work long distance-- until a single event changed both of their lives--Dena nearly died of a brain aneurysm.

When Dena got sick, AJ, who was working twelve-hour hospital shifts in the emergency room each day, left work and drove two hours each way in an Oklahoma ice storm to sit by Dena’s bedside in the hospital. His unwavering commitment resulted in the realization that they were meant to be together and Dena credits AJ for saving her life with his love and support.

A Healing Journey...

As Dena slowly recovered, she thought about all she'd been through. She was convinced that stress played a part in her illness and she set out on a long journey to learn ways to manage stress and balance her demanding career, health, and sanity (something we can all relate to today!). At a loss with traditional methods, she turned to the folk healing arts and energy work that she’d dabbled in during the 20 years before her health scare --this time with a renewed sense of focus and passion.

Using holistic modalities Dena experienced a quick and profound shift; she suddenly felt more at ease and peaceful in her day to day life. Events that would’ve triggered her stress previously no longer created roadblocks... she was able to let them float away. She also began to enjoy the mundane parts of life and found enjoyment in life's small moments, moments that would’ve made her bored before.

Soaking up knowledge...

As a result, a new appreciation for holistic healing arts and a desire to constantly learn more emerged in Dena. She became a sponge, soaking up knowledge and information, immersing herself in every opportunity, near and far, studying under remarkable healers around the globe, even dragging her family deep into the jungles of Guatemala to learn more about plant medicines. During this journey, Dena learned a lot about herself along with a truly valuable lesson, that all healing has a common thread composed of equal parts love, luck, science and the magic of faith. Hence, out of this simple love story, and a commitment to healing holistically, Angels and Sages was born and is committed to bringing health and balance our customers through highest quality hand-crafted products and services to support you in healing: mind, body, and spirit.




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