Reviews Angels and Sages

We are proud to announce that Angels and Sages is currently in the top 5% of Etsy shops globally with a solid 5-star review rating!

We take our products seriously:

Our CEO, Dena, is a certified meditation instructor, herbalist and lifelong student of shamanism and energy healing. She is frequently asked to present to and teach individuals, corporate clients and at a wide range of community events.

We know good reviews matter! Here are a few our favorites from ETSY and our larger community.

"I ordered several items, the shipping was very fast, double boxed to protect the contents and I am extremely happy with everything I ordered and delighted by the extra treasures in there as well! Highly recommend ordering from them. Full-size crystals, good quality items!!" - Mandy


 "My guests comment on the fragrance of this candle as soon as they walk into my home. Thanks to the seller." - Donni ( purchased our Healing Intention Candle)


 "Thank you again for sharing your knowledge at the Gardens! Your continued generosity with your time and knowledge is inspiring and very appreciated. Thank you for always making yourself available and doing such an amazing job. Just like last year, everyone loved your talk and said they were very inspired to meditate now." - Ann (Meditation Instruction)

I want to take a second here and thank each person that has supported this journey. The outpouring of faith and love from people I have never met, both near and far is amazing. I'm so thankful that our paths have crossed and appreciate you taking the time to review our products and tell us how they've changed your life. 

Yours in the journey,