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The following information is exclusive to our  partners who are participating in our content strategy, shop or directory.

If you would like to feature your offerings as a part of Angels and Sage’s content, please read on. 

It is important you carefully read through the information on this page. It outlines the process and requirements for content creation, as well as tips for creating exceptional content that our readers will love and make an impact on your brand.

Benefits of Contributing:

To inspire. 

To reach more clients. The Angels and Sages community is passionate about living a spiritually connected, healthy, happy life. 

Increase awareness of your brand/personal profile, as we share your expertise and experience on our site, social channels and email list to ensure the widest reach.

Work with search engine experts – who have experience and expertise to get results. We will help you optimize your content to ensure it’s well suited to both the audience and search engines. We will also link back to your website within the content to help increase your web site ranking on sites like Google. 

Writing Tips:

Know your purpose and stay on track. 

Know your audience, and what the audience is looking for. Angels and Sages attracts a wide range audience that is primarily female, ages 19-65 and educated. 

Be useful – How are you bettering the readers life? 

Does your headline trigger an action or strike an emotional chord? It needs to.

Speak to the why in your article instead of the what. 

Be personal - have real stories. 

Readers love lists: Top 5 (or any number), “5 reasons why”, “5 ways to…” etc

The Process:

Email hello@angelsandsages.com the following:

  • 2-3  Content Ideas 
  • URL to your Web Site 
  • Confirmation that you’ve read through this page and agree to the guidelines and requirements.
  • We will respond within 5 working days to confirm content topics and deadlines.
  • Create your content, and carefully review it before submitting.
  • Submit your content in a word document as an email attachment along with your bio and professional head shot.

Editing and publishing of content takes 1-2 weeks.

Once content is published we’ll email you with the link and promote it (within 1 week of publishing).

Guidelines & Requirements:

By contributing to Angels and Sages, you agree to the following:

The Content:

Word count – We give priority to  content that is between 250 – 1000 words

If you have your own images (that you’d like us to use), please attached these, plus a high res jpeg author profile photo, with your submission. We’ll source imagery if you don’t have your own.

Videos, galleries, pictorials, series and list-style content are all welcome. Content must be submitted in word document format, with images in high res jpeg format as a separate attachments.

Content should be related to personal spiritual development, mindful living or holistic wellness. 

By submitting content (all forms including written, photos etc) to Angels and Sages you agree that all submitted content (written, images and video) is unique, true and your own.

By submitting content to Angels and Sages you agree to give full rights to this content to Angels and Sages and that you will not disseminate or publish it elsewhere.

All content is subbed and edited by the Angels and Sages team prior to publishing, and editorial changes may be made at the team’s discretion to ensure content is of the highest quality, so not to compromise our values and the purpose of the site.

By contributing to Angels and Sages you agree that should these guidelines and requirements not be fully met, content may be not be published, or be removed from the site.

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