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Our large mixed smudge bundle of dark and light sage, cedarwood, rosemary, and lavender is the perfect tool for bringing in the good vibes during ceremony and prayer.

When I first began smudging my home and office spaces--I always went with a white sage bundle as my primary tool because that's what everyone else was using and because of that--I thought it was the best option.

It is a great option.

I began taking formal classes and study into space clearing and cleansing ceremonies, I discovered that white sage was originally used by Native American tribes as a ceremony opener to call in the good spirits. That's why you feel uplifted and positive after burning the sage. Ceremonies were closed with dark sage like Cedar.

I also learned that anything astringent in nature can be used to cleanse and purify space, and if you think about it--it makes sense. Most of our household cleaners are astringent in nature and some (like Pine Sol) actually got their recipe start from cleansing and purification rituals used by hoodoo practitioners.

I began exploring different herbs, smudges, incense, botanicals and resins for my personal ceremonies and this 5 direction bundle is a favorite of mine when I feel like I need a bit more than a traditional white sage bundle.

I keep it on hand and also give it as Christmas, Birthday and Housewarming gifts because these are big, powerful bundles that be used multiple times and include both white and dark sage with other mystical botanicals known to lift emotions and add good vibes into any space.


This listing if for a 5 Direction Sage Bundle Mix of Mountain Sage, White Sage, Cedar, Mugwort, Lavender. Each bundle is 7-9" long and is twine tied

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