Abundance | Bath Soak

$ 15.00
Product Description

We all deserve abundance in our lives and sometimes need a little support in manifesting all that the universe holds for us.

With that in mind, we've created a happily uplifting and moisturizing bath soak with the intentions of bringing in more sensuality and creativity--because this is the space that abundance flows from. 

People have been taking baths for centuries, but now they're far more than just a way to get clean. A hot soak can help promote better sleep, relieve stress, reduce depression, and even boost metabolism. And thanks to the Abundance Bath Soak, you can easily turn your tub into a spa-like experience!


Soothe your mind and body and tingle your senses with this tantalizing twist on the everyday bath soak. Featuring a natural, delicious scent blended specifically to support the energies of creativity and abundance.

Forget the harsh, artificially fragranced, and sulfate-laden bubble baths of the past. They've been replaced by gentle formulas with safe, clean ingredients. This bath soak is loaded with ultra-relaxing oils and mineral-rich sea salts that can target everything from muscle aches to dry skin.

SMELLS LIKE: Unlimited Possibilities. Lily of the Valley, Tonka, Ozone, Wood and a touch of Jasmine.

INGREDIENTS: Pacific Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Rice Bran Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil, Mica

SIZE: 8 ounces

TO USE: Add ¼-½ cup of the aromatherapy bath soak to your tub, fill it up, hop in and let the magical blend soothe your mind, body and spirit. To add your specific intention to your crystal, take 3 long, slow, deep breaths in and out to center while thinking about what you desire. On your next breath, exhale your intention into your citrine gemstone.  You can place your gemstone in your bath to help charge your water too.