Abundance Oil | Prosperity Perfume Oil

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Product Description

A modern twist on an old southern abundance and prosperity ritual.

Abundance Oil.

MANTRA: I have a full heart, a satisfied soul and now a physical tool to remind myself that the universe conspires to fulfill my every desire.

SCENT: Warm Musk, patchouli and a hint of sweet brown sugar. 


Much of our product inspiration comes from southern folk herbalism, healing and spiritual traditions that were put together from a blend of Native American Herbalism, European Religious Influence, and African Tribal Spiritual Traditions.

What we've found is a simple common element: All healing traditions across the world contain a bit of science and a bit of faith.

Tradition says when we use certain fragrances through generations with the same intention--that recipe or scent or spell-- however you prefer to call it...has a lot more power. Why? Because words and thoughts are intentions. Words and thoughts have power. They shape our reality (manifestation). Through generations of repetition--we have with our ancestors gave power intrinsically to specific combinations of oils and fragrances.

Here, our formulation is based off a very old abundance spell, with a sprinkle of modern interpretation. For love, health, peace and prosperity


15ml roller bottle of Abundance Oil Perfume

Our Intention Oils were created to support your personal spiritual journey. Each has an all natural base of coconut oil, and we combine various essentials oils, tree resins, botanicals and fragrances to provide a supportive and unique and long lasting scent. Some blends contain gemstones to further amplify your intention.