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MANTRA: I allow my emotional and energetic boundaries to be firm and clear.

Designed to protect your energetic body from the negative emotions, cords and attachments of others with this lavender and obsidian infused aura protection oil designed for massage therapists, aestheticians, nurses, lightworkers, healers and anyone who works near others, aka, most of us!

We created this blend for anyone who feels drained or exhausted after interactions with family, friends or co-workers. If you can relate to this, the odds are high that you are sensitive or empathetic to the energies of others. And guess what? That’s very normal in our modern World of go, go, go! We’ve even added some beautiful black obsidian to the bottle to energetically ground and protect.

SCENT: Sweet | Lavender | Chamomile | Floral | Light

Why You’ll Love It:

  • This is a multi-purpose aura protection oil. Add a few drops to a bath for a relaxing aura cleansing experience. Add a few drops to pulse points to create energetic boundaries while downregulating your central nervous system.

  • When you are near others--your energetic bodies merge. You pick up positive or negative energy, and other people pick up some of yours. You can get what is referred to as energetic cords or attachments from others naturally and these cords can drain your energy long after the interaction.

  • Chamomile is a nervous system relaxant but has also been used as an herb to bring luck and abundance to the workplace.
  • Lavender has long been used in all types of settings to protect from harmful influences and lift the spirit. It is widely used to bring feelings of peace and relaxation in folk healing methods.
  • Keep the gemstones long after the perfume is gone. They’ve been charged and the protective energies will last.

 Size: 30 ml | Recyclable Glass Bottle


Pure Coconut Oil, Empath Essential Oil Blend, Obsidian Healing Gemstone, Lavender Flowers.


Apply to pulse points for all day energetic protection.

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