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Product Description

Phthalate-Free | Cruelty-Free

This one? It's based on an old Southern love spell rumored to work every time. Smells like urban flowers on a beautiful, summer day. Rose, hints of gardenia. 

Feels like a hug, but better. 

A classic scent, and a favorite of our clients. 

MANTRA: I welcome the gifts of unconditional love, friendship, trust and compassion with gratitude and joy.

What's a bath crumble? Think of it like a deconstructed bath bomb, with all the benefits of a traditional bath bomb -- minus the one time use. 

Do you love bath bombs, but I hate paying $6 for one bath? Us too. 

Each jar will provide 2-4 baths worth of relaxing and grounding aromatherapy to help you leave behind the hustle and bustle of the day -- in a luxurious way. 

SCENT: Rose | Gardenia | Neroli

BATH RITUAL: Please download our "loving kindness" meditation and our love bath ritual for an elevated bath experience that will help support your intentions of gaining more insight, clarity and focus. This can be found under courses on our website or on the love collection page. 


Pour a little or a lot (but not the whole jar into your tub). If you pour while the water is running, you'll get some bubbles. If you pour after the water has stopped--you'll get a pop of luxurious bubble foam on the surface of the water. 

This is a product with color -- and it should not cling to the side of your tub if it is clean. If the tub is dirty, there may be a bit of cleanup. 

Do Not Apply To Broken Or Abraded Skin

Topical | External Use Only

SIZE: 8 Ounce Recyclable Jar