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Positivity | Success | Inspiration

Citrine is a beloved healing gemstone of personal will, manifestation, and imagination. Healers once believed it held the power of the sun. Even its name, derived from the French word for lemon, evokes brightness and positivity. A tool for harnessing your inner strength and resolve, balancing the third chakra, Manipura, our center responsible for wellbeing and increasing the potential for success. These stones are the perfect size to carry with you in your pocket or wallet.

How to Use: Direct skin contact is best as this stone is a bridge between the spiritual plane and the physical realm. Keep a piece in your wallet or pocket. Use in money and abundance spells and to open and unblock the solar plexus chakra. Also great to encourage innovation, imagination, clarity, and consistency of aim and action, inner strength, financial gain and to invite in joy.

CITRINE MANTRAS {Hold it to your solar plexus}

I can manifest my desires.

I invite joy and success into my life.

I am loved, confident and full of hope.

Locality: Brazil

Size: This listing is for 1 polished citrine gemstone pocket stones. Ships with pocket-sized info card and muslin pouch. 

Size: each is .5 -to .75”

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