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Product Description

Peace | Patience | Love

A feminine energy gemstone respected as a tool of peace, patience and unconditional love for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used chrysocolla as a tool for enhancing communication, bringing wisdom to the wearer who was seen as wise by those in their orbit.

How to Use:

Can be worn or held. Direct skin contact is best as this stone is a bridge between the spiritual plane and the physical realm.

Use chrysocolla in love spells, to open and unblock the throat chakra.

Encourages creativity, inner wisdom, inner strength and emotional healing from abuse or trauma by drawing out guilt and welcoming in joy.

Also beneficial to relationships that are suffering (family, friend and romantic).

Locality: Peru

Size: .75 to 1.25”

Prior to shipping, all stones have been energetically cleansed and charged under a full moon and/or cleansed with sound healing and sage.

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