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Bravery | Protection | Inner Truth

Desert Rose, aka Gypsum Rose, may look delicate on the outside, but is actually very hearty. This stone attracts those that relate to the qualities of softness and bravery. Sound familiar? Formed in shallow salt water basins, Desert Rose is created by a combination of sand, wind and water combining over thousands of years.  These stones have traditionally been used as a talisman for bravery and protection and each piece is rumored to contain a unique spirit guardian. This stone supports the user in holding their ground,overcoming obstacles and ridding the mind of fear, anxiety and doubt.

How to Use: Keep Desert Rose at your home or workplace and use it for meditation. Set an intention for increased clarity and to clear energy blocks.

Locality: Mexico

Size: 1”-1.25”

Note: Prior to shipping, all stones have been energetically cleansed and charged under a full moon and/or cleansed with sound healing and sage.

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