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Mugwort | Lavender | Amethyst | Floral

Our lucid dream room and linen mist is energetically crafted with purposeful intentions of peace, relaxation, positive vibes and sweet dreams...plus, a little extra herbal magic.

Mugwort and lavender have been used for centuries to help promote sleep and increase the quantity and imagery of dreams, making this combo a dream team (pun intended) for enhancing lucid dream states and shamanic journeying.

This combination of herbs are believed to aid in dream recall so be sure to  keep a journal by your bed to take notes as soon as you wake in the morning!

We’ve added an amethyst gemstone to the mix to amp-up the healing powers. Amethyst is a rockstar at promoting sweet dreams, keeping nightmares away and promoting sleep. Keep your stone long after the liquid is gone, place it beside your bed or under your pillow.

Size: 4 oz | 2 oz


Purified Water, Polysorbate-20, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Benzophenone-4, Essential Oils of Mugwort and Lavender, Amethyst Healing Gemstone

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