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Remove all obstacles in your path with this beautiful, big ear Ganesha statue intended to welcome in new beginnings luck and abundance in a warm, honey gold solid brass.


I saw this statue in a storefront some time ago and passed it by. I woke up a few days later with true regret that I didn’t buy it. I returned to the store to find it gone.

After weeks of looking, I finally found the perfect one and was so excited to have enough to share. This statue brings a smile to my face each time I look at it and I hope it does the same for you

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Ganesha is one of the best known and most worshiped deities in the Hindu religion. He is aligned with new beginnings, success, and wisdom. He is largely non-secular, meaning people from many geographical locations and spiritual paths call on him as an archetype and inspiration when starting new endeavors.
  • Great addition to any personal collection, yoga room, meditation space or library

Size: 2” tall brass statue

To Use: Place statue anywhere that you’d like to invite in more abundance and overcome challenges. Use in meditation or resitting of mantras.

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