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Rose | Sweet | Floral

Faith, hope and love healing gemstone intention and prayer candle. 

A large Angelite healing gemstone has been added for connecting with the Angels and higher spiritual realms. Keep the stone long after the candle has been used. The intention of hope, healing, faith and love has been set and will remain.

Each candle also has at least one heart charm, or a Milagros in it. Milagros are traditional Mexican prayer charms.

Topped with a bit of silver and gold sparkle to remind us of the magic of the source from which we all come and to which all things return.

Burn Time: 70-80 hours

Size: 12.6 oz | 3.62 x 2.87


Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Phtalate-Free Fragrance Oils, Angelite Healing Gemstone, Milagros Charm, Glitter


I never believed in magic. I never really had faith. I never knew how to react at bad news, other than fumbling over a half assed card and removing myself from the emotion as quickly as possible.

On a random day a few months later in December in the middle of what was starting to be terrible ice storm, I fell to my knees at home with a headache that I can't even describe. I lost control of my foot and hand and yelled to my child that I was having an anxiety attack. I have no idea where that came from. Call someone for help.

I was met at the emergency room door as the paramedics wheeled me in by a priest and someone with an advanced directive which I quickly processed and made an announcement that I was coming back fully or not at all.  There would be no heroics. No wheelchairs. No nothing like that.

I was met by familiar faces as I waited for surgery to try and repair a large ruptured brain aneurysm. Apparently there was blood in all kinds of places that it shouldn't be. 

For some reason the thought of being ok wasn't even a thought. The nurse said to me something along the lines of -- all you can do now is give it up to God. Faith and Hope.

I agreed, and as I did a beautiful calmness swept over me. It was significant enough that I made mental note of the moment in the chaos that was unfolding. Everything was calm. Everyone. 

I woke to the sound of a nurse and the bright lights of a hospital room. She and my mom were talking and the first words I heard were "I can feel the presence of God and Angels in this room"...and she was right. I could feel it too. I couldn't speak yet, but I felt it. 

The name Angels and Sages comes from this story. I found as I traveled in search of more balance in my own life and ways to manage stress for my own healing and long term health--that all healing traditions consist of a bit of faith and bit of science.

And I went home a new appreciation for these things:

Faith for those times when all you can do is trust.

Hope for those moments when all you can do is anticipate.

Love for those moments when connection matters and may be all you have.


Do not leave burning candles unattended.

Our intention candles were created to support your personal spiritual journey. Each has an all natural base of soy wax, and we combine various essentials oils, tree resins, botanicals and fragrances to provide a supportive and unique and long lasting scent. Some blends contain gemstones to further amplify your intention. Please feel free to message us directly for any allergy concerns or questions.

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