Whipped Sugar Scrub | Empath

$ 18.00
Product Description


A beloved scent profile crafted to help relax the body and settle the mind.


We've crafted our Empath body scrub as a compliment to our empath and highly sensitive persons line. Think of it as washing away the "ugk" energies of the day, and at the same time -- and invisible shield of energetic protection.

Lightly hydrating.

This is a foaming, whipped, creamy sugar scrub and soap in one.

This whipped sugar scrub  will leave your skin feeling smooth without the traditional greasy feeling other scrubs leave on your body (or in your b or shower )

No worries about half of it falling off your skin and crumbling all over the floor when you go to apply it.

A little goes a long way.

SCENT: Lavender + Chamomile


Grab about a quarter sized amount and manually rub on skin. You’ll notice the bubbles, continue as desired. Rinse. This should last a long time, because you'll only need about a quarter sized dollop for body areas. 

Size: 9 ounces

Handcrafted with love In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.