Love You Mom Soy Candle

$ 22.00
Product Description

A beautiful lavender essential oil soy candle with rose quartz and amethyst to celebrate mom.

Burn Time: 70-80 hours

Size: 16 oz | White Glass Tumbler


Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Phtalate-Free Fragrance Oils, Amethyst + Rose Quartz Healing Gemstone, Flower Petals, Glitter


"You need a candle for moms", she said. "Mother's Day is coming."

She was looking at my candles in the studio.

We were fresh off of an agree to disagree moment on the Ganesha statue in my studio. 

I looked at her. Wheels turning. You think it's hard to shop for mom, imagine the pressure of trying to make a candle just for her and other moms too.

"I'm not ready for that" I told her.

She's never been overly interested in the candles I craft. I wondered in that moment--if it was a suggestion because she really wanted a gemstone candle...or if she was trying to give me some inspiration...or if she was trying to keep the peace and change the subject from the golden elephant in the room.

Maybe all three.

I guess we'll know come Mother's Day. {smile}


The label says "I love you mom" because we love mom no matter what day it is. This is perfect for Mother's Day, Birthdays or just an every day love note.

Made with Lavender esential oil for a light and relaxing aromatherapy experience.

Topped with the gemstones of love and support: Rose Quartz and Amethyst

Heart centered botanicals of rose petal and hibiscus.

An rounded off with a dash of gold gitter to remind us of the powerful and radiating bonds of love between a mother and child.


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