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warming | minty | herbal | floral | feminine

A modern interpretation of an ancient dream tea formula. Rumored to be an evening tea blend of mystics and wise women...of lucid dreams and distant shores. A beverage for gypsy souls who love tattered books and listening to the rain.

Dream tea has been used for centuries to help promote sleep and then to increase the quantity and imagery of dreams. These herbs, once you wake are said to help with dream recall so be sure and keep a journal by your bed to make notes. 

A 6 oz gold travel tin | approx 1+ oz of loose leaf herbal tea blend. 


+ Mugwort is believed to increase the frequency and clarity of dreams, and it is also popular with lucid dreamers.


+ Damiana is a botanical said to help female libido, but also to help make your dreams more vivid.


+ Valerian Root to help you drift off to sleep and stay that way. Valerian has been used traditionally to combat insomnia.

+ Spirit lifting Peppermint to improve the taste of the tea, and rumored to help keep nightmares away.

+ Cinnamon and Rose for the heart. 


When I first began meditating, I felt a bit like a failure because I went to group events that were lead by someone doing a guided meditation and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get that vision of the waterfall, or the path with trees, or the beach or anything. The meditation session would end, I'd be sitting there slightly irritated at so and so who could imagine so vividly that it was like watching a movie.

Frustrated with them and myself, and thinking sleep was the best place to start -- I began exploring herbal tea blends to help.

I tried a lot of magic tea blends and many were wonderful in different ways--but none really had a combination of botanicals that would both help you get to a sleep state and help with the dream state itself.

So. I crafted this blend, and have had a great time with it...and few fun dreams too...


Add one level teaspoon per 8 ounces of hot water. Let steep for 7-10 minutes. If you can cover the cup with a lid, an added bonus to keep beneficial oils from leaving the cup. Strain. Drink Mindfully. Enjoy the ride

Best Served: Hot.

Condiments: Milk and/or honey to taste.  




If you have never taken mugwort, try a small amount steeped for 3 minutes the first time. This stuff can be so strong that some people only put it under the pillow. If it's too much, grab a bit an put it in a bowl at the side of your bed.

Don't drink it every night. My sister tried it. She has some interesting stories.

As with any herbal preparation, consult with your primary physician before taking it. Add it to your medication list once you're taking it.

This items is sold as a curio item and makes no promise of outcome.

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