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floral | jasmine | sandalwood | woody | earthy

We created this intention candle to help you harness potent energy during all phases of the moon.

In the not too distant past, manifestation practices included burning oil lamps and adding simple herbs or creating perfumes with intention. The basis of magic was found in local and easily accessible tools from nature and many times one lamp or one candle would be used for multiple rituals.

After months of research, the Luna (aka moon goddess) candle was born, and like the moon, it is simple and beautiful.

The deep blue goldstone gems and glitter have been added as a modern twist to amplify intention. The stones can be kept long after the candle stops burning, as your intentions will be sealed inside.

MANTRA: I set intentions and take actions to put my dreams in motion, I seal this plan by the light of the moon and honor all phases.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Limited Edition. Only poured during the light of the full moon to capture the energies and help manifestation. 
  • Notes of sandalwood, rose and a hint of citrus, make this candle the perfect companion for letting the moonlight and your dreams collide.
  • Setting intentions around the moon cycles can bring about major changes in your life. If you’re new to intention-setting with the moon phases, read all about it on our blog here.
  • Our ingredients are safe and formulated to be family and pet-friendly.


4 oz | 35 + hours


Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Essential + Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils of Sandalwood, Citrus and Rose, Blue Goldstone Healing Gemstone, Glitter.

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