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citrus | woody | light

To the Mayan Indians, Copal or "pom" is sacred, and they have used it in traditional ceremonies since ancient times. It is 100% natural, a hardened tree resin.

Copal has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is said that the smoldering copal resin can reveal invisible energies and folk healers used to see into the inner layers of energy fields of clients by looking through the smoke to identify energy blocks and pathology.

In more modern applications, the copal resin is used to clear and purify the mind. An excellent meditative and mindfulness accessory, when burned as incense it emits an odor similar to frankincense but with a lighter, more citrusy scent.


Burn Copal Resin in a safe place always, away from small children and pets. Light a charcoal round with matches or lighter until it self-ignites (15-20 seconds). Use tongs or a heat proof glove (not your fingers) to hold and move the charcoal into a smudge bowl or incense burner. The picture is a ramekin dish from the kitchen with a bit of colored sand in the bottom and around the charcoal. The bowl or incense burner should be filled with sand or dirt. 

Let the charcoal warm for a few minutes until it turns gray. Add a small amount of resin on top of the charcoal. Continue to place resins or powder on charcoal as they burn out and smoke decreases for a continuous burn.


You can purchase our resins in 2 ounce containers as shown, or bulk by the ounce. Bulk resins will be packaged in a zip top bag. 

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