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woody | sweet | calming  | uplifting

If you’ve ever lit a stick of Palo Santo in your home you know how energizing, cleansing and grounding the rich, fresh scent is. Wearing Palo Santo, or ‘holy wood’ on the skin has a similar effect and has been known to calm the immune and nervous systems for faster recovery from illness. Palo Santo has also been used for centuries in South American rituals to purify tools and spaces, enhance creativity and clear negative energy. This perfume oil, extracted using vapor distillation from sustainable sources stays on skin and provides a lasting scent all day.

MANTRA: I am grounded, confident and ready to take on my day.


  • Scent profile: Uplifting, citrusy, woodsy and earthy notes.
  • Provides energetic and spiritual protection. Excellent for aspiring and well versed energy workers alike-- gives a signal to the Universe that a petition will be made.
  • Traditional Holy Wood Blocks bad vibes! Need protection from your co-workers energy? We get it.
  • Palo Santo alerts the central nervous system that something good is coming, especially when used often in ritual or meditation, creating that ‘hell yes’ feeling.

 Size: 15 ml | .5 oz Glass Roller Bottle


100% Pure

Palo Santo - An essential oil from the sacred Palo Santo tree sustainably grown in South America. Coconut Oil - A moisturizer that quickly penetrates skin to allow for rapid absorption, used as a buffer for essential oils that come in contact with skin.


As a perfume, dab on pulse points (wrist, nape of neck)

As a bath oil, pop the ball out and add a few drops to a warm bath

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