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woody | calming

You will love this pure essential oil Palo Santo Perfume for energetic and spiritual protection, meditation, grounding, energy and spell work.  Palo Santo, or "holy wood" has been used for centuries in South American rituals to purify tools and space by clearing negative energy.

15 ml | .5 oz Glass Roller Bottle


100% Natural

Palo Santo - An essential oil from the sacred Palo Santo tree grown in South America. Folk uses include energetic and spiritual purification.

Coconut Oil - A moisturizer that quickly penetrates skin to allow for rapid absorption, used as a buffer for essential oils that come in contact with skin.


Much like the white and dark sage in the United States was used to open and close ceremonies in the sweat lodges.

A healing botanical, Palo Santo is also aligned with fortune and luck.

It's also used in meditation and yoga because it helps bring on a more meditative and grounded state through aromatherapy.  Palo Santo has an uplifting, almost citrusy scent which really makes appealing for many.

Perfumes and oils are a cornerstone of energy work Why? It is important as a point of association for your mind and also a signal to the Universe that a petition will be made.

That petition may be as simple as protecting your own energy field from that co-worker who is draining, or something as complicated as you working with universal energies to create.

Our ancestors have been using botanicals like sage, sweetgrass, cedar, copal and Palo Santo for intention and manifestation work for thousands of years and these scents evoke an almost DNA memory for us. It is a piece of our ancestor story and therefore a part of our unknown memory.

These scents are known to us, and along with the astringent nature of the plant oils--they are purifying both physically and emotionally through our shared DNA memory.

To the primitive brain (our most basal center of impulse) the scent of sage, Palo Santo sets off a  process to signal our central nervous system that something good is coming when we use this same scent repeatedly for rituals, meditation and sacred ceremony.


As a perfume, dab on pulse points (wrist, nape of neck)

As a bath oil, pop the ball out by the plastic mechanism and add a few drops to a warm bath. 

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